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Welcome to the Minerva Developer site hosted by Sourceforge. The information presented here is largely applicable to the development team and 3rd party developers. If you are interested in using Minerva to run your website then please head over to our official support site and community forums where you can find out more about Minerva and how to use it.

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CVS Actvity, Archives, Snapshots & Statistics

We have several useful information sources for our CVS activity, see below for more details. If you want to know how to access our CVS repository then please read the Sourceforge CVS Repository How-To for Minerva.


ViewCVS is a web browsable view of our CVS repository. Unfortunately is it not currently updated realtime so sometime lags behind what has actually been commited to CVS.

CVS Mailing List

Every CVS commit is sent to our a mailing list which you can subscribe to in order to receive e-mail updates regarding CVS activity or browse the online archive. As with ViewCVS the mailing list archive does slightly lag behind the current state of CVS commits.

News Mailing List

From time to time we may send news to the news mailing list, new releases and developmental updates are key candidates for sending to this mailing list. We advise users to subscribe to this mailing list to receive news of new releases.

CVS Statistics

We have set up our own detailed CVS statistics to compliment ViewCVS and the CVS mailing list. These statistics are updated every 15 minutes and although commit logs integrate with ViewCVS, it is probable that some links maybe be broken while ViewCVS catches up with the current state of CVS commits.

CVS Archives and Snapshots

Sourceforge automatically creates a Nightly CVS Tarball for Minerva which includes all historical versions of all files in our repository. We provide regularly generated snapshots of our R4 CVS repository for confident users. All the work we complete on R3 (now discontinued) has been made into a collection of CVS export archives for developer reference and the original CVS modules purged from our repository.

NOTE! We make no guarentees as the the functional status of the Nightly CVS Tarball, Minerva R4 Snapshots, or the Minerva R3 CVS Archives, it is most likely that neither of these will work and are only intended for beta testers and deverlopers.

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